Friday, July 25, 2008

SEASON 7 - Episode 5 - The Mustard Tiger

Julian knows the boys can make money by selling dope to Sebastian Bach. To smuggle the drugs into the United States, Julian has an idea: the boys will build a model train track through the forest across the border and hide weed in the freight cars of the train. The amount of track they’ll need to lay will be a world record.
The boys need Lahey’s help – they need maps, land papers and detailed information about how many forest rangers patrol the area where they’ll lay the tracks. Lahey is hesitant to help because he’s finally in a position where he could be promoted to Staff Sergeant, and he doesn’t want anything to mess it up. But the boys remind Lahey that he signed a peace treaty with them and he agrees to help.
Ricky, Julian and Bubbles realize they need to send a few scouts to Maine to scope out the route for the tracks. And they need someone to frame if anything goes wrong.
Meanwhile, Phil Collins catches his son, Jacob, lifting weights. Ricky, Julian and Bubbles find Jacob at school dressed like Julian and holding a mustard glass – clearly, Julian has become Jacob’s idol. The boys realize that Jacob and his two friends are so eager to please them, they’re perfect scapegoats. Julian lends his Montecarlo to Jacob for the trip to Maine – if anything goes wrong, Jacob should blame his two sidekicks. The boys tell Jacob he has three days to complete their mission.
Five days later, there’s no word from the boys. Phil Collins tries to keep himself calm by working at The Dirty Burger, a restaurant he will be opening with Randy, but he’s worried about his son. Thomas Collins, Phil’s other son, shows up at the park and catches Ricky, Julian and Bubbles ripping down the Missing Person posters that Phil has put up to try to find Jacob. Thomas thinks the boys are hiding something about Jacob’s whereabouts, but has no proof.
Julian talks to Lahey and convinces him to block the missing persons report that Phil is about to file. Lahey agrees, but if Julian doesn’t find the boys soon, Lahey will have to get involved officially. Julian is sure to be investigated if anyone figures out that Jacob was last seen in his Montecarlo. Julian has a nasty feeling that something terrible has happened.

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