Thursday, July 10, 2008

SEASON 2 - Episode 5 - The Bible Pimp

Door-to-door Bible-selling salesman Hampton and his diabetic daughter Tanya visit the park to convert the heathen, or failing that, sell lots of Bibles.

Julian has no intention of buying a Bible but he is totally smitten with Tanya. Ricky isn't impressed with Julian’s love-struck behaviour. He thinks Julian is revealing too much about the dope operation to Tanya. Bubbles has his own suspicions about Hampton and Tanya and decides to keep the Bible sellers under very close surveillance.

His vigilance pays off. He discovers that Hampton and Tanya are not the people they say they are. Hampton is actually a known criminal from Moncton who runs a greasy strip bar called “The Slick Pimp.” And Tanya is neither Christian nor diabetic – she's a stripper. The Bible selling was a ruse to gain Julian's trust and steal the dope.

Led by Bubbles, Cory, Trevor, Ricky and Julian head to Hampton’s bar. After a shootout, Hampton and Tanya are foiled. Lahey and Randy arrive just in time to assist the police arrest the con artists. In the end, love is lost, but the dope is saved.

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