Saturday, July 26, 2008

SEASON 7 - Episode 10 - A Shit River Runs Through It

The boys have done it – the Swayzie Express is loaded with weed and is on its way across the river to Sebastian Bach. Once it arrives in the U.S., Sebastian will load it with boxes of American cigarettes and send it back to Canada. Ricky and Julian explain that they have a lot riding on this deal – so they’re thrilled when the train makes it back intact, loaded with smokes!
The boys load the cartons of cigarettes into Shitty Bill’s truck and he heads back to the park, but not before Lahey and Randy come out of hiding and shoot at the vehicle. Shitty Bill makes it out of the forest unscathed, but when the boys try to escape, the Shitmobile won’t start.
Conky explains to the boys that Jacob betrayed them – he put sugar in the Shitmobile’s gas tank and he’s wearing a wire. Julian is disappointed in Jacob.
Lahey threatens the boys – he wants the Swayzie Express and won’t take no for an answer. The boys are trapped – their car won’t start and the forest rangers are approaching fast. The boys leave and find a small boat nearby but don’t get very far: the boat ends up floating in the middle of the river. Bubbles is losing his mind and finally realizes that he needs to kill Conky – so he drowns the puppet.
With the forest rangers and Randy and Lahey waiting for them on the Canadian side of the river, the boys are surrounded when FBI agents show up on the American side of the waterway. Since neither the Canadian nor the American authorities have jurisdiction over the boys in their current location, Ricky can choose who busts them.
Ricky negotiates with the two sides and ends up with a good deal. The Alien Trevors will take the blame and go to jail for stealing the Swayzie Express, and Ricky will go to jail in the U.S. for endangering beavers in a protected wildlife sanctuary – this way, he’ll get to visit Ray, who’s still serving time for soliciting prostitution.
Several weeks later, everything has worked out as planned. Julian is a rich man, proud to have made something of himself. Ricky enjoyed himself in the luxurious American jail and even got his Grade 11. Bubbles went to a therapist and his life is now back on track. Lahey resigned from the force and is comfortable with the idea that he was born to be a drunk trailer park supervisor. Lucy cherishes her newborn son, and Sarah finds love… with Jacob Collins.
For the first time, all is calm in Sunnyvale Trailer Park.

SEASON 7 - Episode 9 - Going Off the Rails on the Swayzie Train

Ricky, Julian and Bubbles need to make sure that Randy and Lahey won’t interfere with their plans to send dope to Sebastian Bach. When Randy and Lahey pass out on the roof of a trailer, the boys use a giant net to trap them.
Jacob and the Alien Trevors want to travel into the forest with the boys and help prepare the train. Julian refuses, he says the job’s too dangerous. Ricky warns Julian that he’s getting too close to Jacob, and reminds him that the guys are just jail cover – they’re to be framed if anything goes wrong. Ricky tells Jacob he can come.
Phil helps Randy and Lahey escape and Lahey puts out an all-points bulletin for the boys’ vehicle. When a cop spots the boys and pulls them over, Lahey orders him to arrest Jacob, but to let the others go free. Bubbles is petrified when they get pulled over… and turns to his old friend Conky. Bubbles has managed to glue pieces of Conky back together – no small feat since Julian shot Conky’s head off in Season 5.
The boys meet Sebastian Bach at a gas station near the U.S. border. He doesn’t have enough cash for the boys, but he offers to trade American cigarettes for Ricky’s dope. Julian realizes that it’s a good investment since the boys can make more money from selling the cigarettes, and agrees to the deal.
Meanwhile, Lahey is questioning Jacob about the Swayzie Express – he wants to know where the boys are hiding it. Threatening to arrest Jacob’s dad, Phil, for selling stolen meat, Lahey manages to get Jacob to agree to wear a wire to eavesdrop on the boys and obtain incriminating evidence.
Back in the forest, Bubbles tests the train, and it works! It’s a close call when two forest rangers find the boys’ camp and threaten to arrest them for littering in a protected wildlife sanctuary, but Conky reminds the forest ranger (country music singer George Canyon in a guest starring role) that he’s an American, and has no jurisdiction while the boys are on Canadian soil.
Randy and Lahey drop Jacob off in the forest and hide nearby. Julian trusts Jacob and believes him when he says that he hitchhiked back to the boys’ camp.
The stress of the situation is making Bubbles more and more agitated. That night, while the boys are sleeping, Conky calls the FBI and the DEA.

SEASON 7 - Episode 8 - Let the Liquor do the Thinking

Bubbles gets a letter from Ray who’s still in jail in the U.S. Enclosed with the letter, Ray included a front page story from the Bangor Daily News – a janitor witnessed the theft of the Swayzie Express and the sketch artist’s drawing of the thief looks exactly like Bubbles. Authorities are offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to the return of the model train.
Bubbles panics and decides he needs a disguise in order to fool authorities, so Lucy helps him buy clothing and a wig from J-Roc’s store. Clad in a red leather jacket and curly brown wig, Bubbles takes on a new name: The Scorpion.
Meanwhile, Lucy decides that she’s in love with Randy and since she’s having his baby, she might as well propose. When Randy tells Lahey he’s engaged, Lahey goes off the deep end. He picks up Randy and threatens to drive off a cliff unless Randy agrees to break up with Lucy. But Lucy won’t let Randy break up with her – and orders him to stay away from Lahey.
When Lahey witnesses Lucy, Sarah, J-Roc and Tyrone stealing suitcases from the airport, he calls in police reinforcements to take down the luggage bandits. He sends all four thieves to jail – with Lucy out of his way, Lahey is free to pursue Randy.
Later, in a bathroom at the airport, Randy and Lahey see a Wanted poster with the sketch of Bubbles. They decide to steal the train from Bubbles and collect the reward themselves.
Ricky, Julian and Bubbles get a phone call from Sebastian Bach – he’s nervous and wants to shut down their dope operation because there’s a huge forest fire spreading through the woods near the area where the boys have laid the model train tracks. Julian is confident that everything will work out, but the deal needs to go down immediately.
Randy and Lahey confront the boys at gunpoint. Lahey’s drunk again and threatens the boys: either they give him the train and he’ll collect the reward, or he’ll burn Ricky’s trailer down and call the FBI. Either way, he still gets the reward for leading the authorities to the thieves.
Bubbles is going crazy from all the stress and resurrects an old friend to help him deal with his anxiety – his ventriloquist puppet Conky.